Information and document management in IT projects guarantees fast access to current information.

Challenges in IT projects

IT projects such as the rollout of new enterprise software are complex and time-consuming. Existing systems and processes are analyzed and requirements defined, and the new solution is designed and finally implemented and rolled out.

In such large projects, huge amounts of documentation is created: requirement analyses, functional specifications, technical concepts, architectural diagrams, presentations, process documentation, operating concepts, and much more.

Project managers, consultants and developers want to spend as little time as possible on documentation. But at the same time, they need the latest information and want to be informed fast and systematically on individual topics.

IT projects are often short on information and document management. In most cases, there is no central, well-structured storage system. Documents are created at the start of the project and then never updated. In day-to-day project work, important information is lost or at least cannot be found quickly enough. Documents are overwritten with old versions and have to be laboriously reconstructed.

Insufficiently organized project documentation costs time and money.

Wiki as information center

Wikis have proved to be very important for knowledge management in projects. Information in Wikis is easy to access and can be updated fast and simply.

In projects, we set up the right Wiki, create the fundamental structure, give support for writing the contents, and moderate the posts.

Our starter kit for new project members contains all important information about the project and its infrastructure and considerably reduces the training period.

Consistent document management

We manage your documents in IT projects. Consistent document management ensures fast access to the latest information, a traceable project history, and security in day-to-day work.

Well-organized documentation also has advantages at the end of a project: it is quite clear which documents can be archived immediately and which are to be updated during operation.

Editorial support

We help you to structure and write concepts, create Visio and PowerPoint graphics, and support project members in all documentation tasks.

Project managers, consultants and developers are relieved of documentation work and can therefore concentrate better on their core competences.