Many years of experience with the most varied IT topics and a fast familiarization are the basis for successful projects.

Many years of experience

We have experience with the documentation of software from the most varied sectors and for different target groups. A few examples that show our range of competences:

  • Manuals for the installation and administration of content management servers
  • Administration and user documentation for an SAP-based business process management system
  • Instructions for mobile electronic patient information for medical staff
  • Documentation and training for authorities in the transition to electronic records
  • Developer documentation on software and hardware for software license protection
  • User help and GUI localization for a website that offers access to a digital archive

Fast familiarization

Our experience with the most varied IT topics plus our efficient work methods enable us to familiarize ourselves very quickly with new topics – including very complex ones. Typical sources of knowledge for us are:

  • Interviews with developers
  • Work with the software
  • Researches in internal developer documentation
  • Participation in reviewing and planning in agile development teams

Bridge between specialists and users

We can build a bridge between your special technical knowledge and users precisely because we are not too deeply involved in development topics. With our perspective from outside, we ask the right questions and can pass on the information we gain to others.

Our strengths

  • Multilingual and team-minded: we can work in English, German, and other languages, and we like working in in international teams too. We write our documentation in English and German.
  • Technical interest and curiosity: we love learning about new things. New software, new disciplines, new tools and new people make our work particularly exciting.
  • Flexible and customer-oriented: we adapt to your wishes and your situation and work on your premises or remote with your tools.
  • Experienced and quality-conscious: you profit from our extensive experience and the high quality of our work.