Our offer includes the complete translation process: terminology management, translation, typesetting and production.

You want to make your software fit for the international market? We organize the translation of the software and the software documentation for you.

We work with a team of experienced specialized native translators who are also specialists in translations in the IT sector.

Our offer comprises the complete translation process:

  • Terminology management
  • Translating the texts
  • Creating localized graphics and screenshots
  • Typesetting and production of the translated documentation
  • Localization of the software

Terminology management

Thorough terminology work is the basis of a good translation. In the original language, it must be ensured that the same word is always used for a particular concept. The most important terms are usually also coordinated with product management.

During translation, frequently used terms in the software and documentation must always be translated the same way to secure recognition. A terminology list or terminology database guarantees uniform translation of recurring terms.

Efficient translation with translation memory

A translation memory stores sentences and their translation. If a sentence is repeated, the already existing translation can automatically be used. For similar but non-identical sentences, a translation is suggested, which the translator can then check and adapt. In parallel, terms are searched for in the terminology database and the right translation is inserted.

The use of a translation memory ensures the terminological and stylistic uniformity of the translations. Another important aspect is the reduction and acceleration of the workload with an accompanying reduction in costs.

Localization of graphics and screenshots

We translate texts in graphics and diagrams created with the usual image processing tools. We integrate screenshots that you send us in the respective target language in the translated documents. For English and German, we are also happy to create the localized screenshots; for other language on request.

Foreign-language typesetting and production

Following translation, we check the layout of the texts and adapt it if necessary in the authoring tool. We offer this service for the usual authoring tools and desktop publishing programs.

If required, we also produce the translated documentation. We generate and test online help in the respective target language and create printable PDF files.

Localization of software

Not only the documentation but also the software itself has to be translated: menu texts, tooltips, window and field names, and message texts.

We translate the texts in the format supported by your development environment. Here we work with your developers in order to create the prerequisites for a technically perfect localization.