Video tutorials show how a software product works – clearly, directly, easy to understand, and without too many words.

Why video tutorials?

Some things are not easy to explain with text alone. The alternative here is short video tutorials, which are ideal for beginners and for all users who prefer instructions in a visual form.

Screencasts can be used for many purposes:

  • Getting started
  • For the ten most-used features
  • For particularly interesting features
  • For difficult features
  • For new features following software updates
  • For steps difficult to explain with text only

Our offer

We plan with you the material to be presented as video and over which channels the screencasts are to be published.

Before recording, we create a short script that documents the necessary preparations. This script contains the directions for the recording and defines the spoken comments. I also defines such elements as emphases, graphics, animations, and visual effects. This makes for the efficient planning and coordination of contents and design before recording starts.

On the basis of the script, we produce the screencasts, integrate graphics and audio, and ensure the necessary final polish.

Finally, we export the videos in a suitable format and integrate them for example in the online help, in PDF documents, or on your website.